Stereoscopic Maps of Nearby Stars

The maps below show stars within 20 lightyears of the Sun as seen from a distance. These are 3-d maps. If you cross your eyes, you should be able to fuse the two sides into a stereoscopic view at the center of your field of view. If you're viewing this page with a low resolution monitor or display settings (e.g. a 640x480 display), you may have to sit back from your monitor to get the images to fuse.

The top pair of images is the view from the direction of Ophiuchus, specifically from 18h right ascension and 0° declination. The second pair of images is the view from the direction of the North Star (90° Declination) with 0h right ascension towards the right. And the bottom pair of maps is the view from the direction of the constellation Pisces (0h R.A. and 0° Declination).

And here's a little map to identify the brighter stars.

Here's another set of stereo maps extending out to about 26 lightyears. It includes exactly twice the volume of space of the previous maps. If your monitor is set to a low resolution, it is unlikely that you will be able to make these images fuse for a true stereoscopic image.

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Archived version of this page from October 1996.